Nikki Santerre Photography Rebrand: Elevating an Established Brand to the Next Level


Meet Nikki

I am so excited to introduce you to the lovely Nikki Santerre. Nikki is a medium format film photographer that specializes in marriage and motherhood. She is based in Richmond, VA but works all over the world with her clients. Our journey together has been a long and sweet one. We created a new brand that communicated her soul as a brand. A lot of hard work and trust between us lead to a beautiful result that couldn’t have been achieved any other way. 


Nikki came to me at a crossroads. She was ready to uplevel her brand because she wanted to charge more for her wedding packages, as well as make motherhood a bigger part of her brand, but her aesthetics did not speak to her vision for where her business was going. She saw this gap and knew she had to do something. I have never encountered a client more ready for a rebrand than Nikki. 


Nikki and I had the pleasure of doing our strategy session in-person. We had a 3 hour session going through every single little facet of her brand. The brand strategy for Nikki was important because after years of being in business, she had never spent time strategizing for her brand. Since we were making such a big change in her aesthetics and strategy, we needed to nail it. We walked away with an amazing mission statement and tagline that will stand the test of time.

Mission Statement: 



Nikki wanted a sophisticated, understated, intentional logo. With one of her goals of charging more for her weddings, we needed to communicate an expensive, elegant brand. She needed to be seen by wedding and motherhood clients that were ready to pay her prices. We came up with the designs you’ll see below. Nikki first chose a submark that she felt safe with. After some time sitting on it, she changed her mind to go with the option she was scared of. It was a risk to go with something so different than her original brand, but through many conversations and pep talks, Nikki chose courage. She loved the submark she ended up choosing as her final decision because it reminded her of the YSL logo (which I’m partial to!). I loved working through this with her. It’s a fear so many of my clients face: boldness. One of the best things you can do for your rebrand is to take a creative risk instead of playing it safe.

Final Results:

Nikki chose to also redesign her website. We all collaborated with Jeff Shipley of Tonic Site Shop, to get her site in a place of perfection for her launch. Go visit her site and see all the beauty Jeff created. It’s really well done and I am so proud of Nikki. We closed this project with Nikki knowing who she is, and a brand identity that communicated that perfectly. She was able to see more inquires as a result of our work together, a bigger social following, and most importantly, she gained confidence to be exactly who her potential clients need her to be.

From Nikki:

“I feel like I hit the glass ceiling with my old brand, and that it had taken me as far as it possibly could have. I put in the work to elevate my imagery for a period of two years, and I was at a place where there was a huge discrepancy between the caliber of work I was producing and my online presence. I knew in order to move forward within the industry, to reach my ideal client and ideal collaborative vendor, it was time to re-evaluate my web presence in it's entirety. I saw immediate growth in my social media audience following the rebrand!

Having Jordan's guidance in establishing my brand goals at the beginning of the progress has helped me to plan goals for the next twelve months accordingly. I'm eager to see how this process helps my business evolve long-term! Clarification as to who my ideal clients are has helped me to speak to those women directly, leading to more inquiries in my inbox!

The market evaluation Jordan performed for my business at the beginning of the process stood out to me as a crucial part of the experience. As small business owners, it's easy to compare our brands at an industry level and forget to consider what advantages and disadvantages we have in each particular market in the country. Seeing who my direct competition is and how we compare helped me to clarify my overall objectives and move forward in making wise choices in terms of both marketing and pricing.”



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